knee crutch

It's comfortable and easy to use and doesn't take much time to get used to. The oneCrutch Freedom knee crutch allows its users a remarkable level of mobility and freedom. Injuries, trauma, and circulation issues of the lower leg, ankle, or foot are typically managed through the use of forearm, underarm or platform crutches, canes, or wheelchairs. While these devices allow users some mobility, they all engage the arms and hands in a way that further handicaps the user.

Now with the oneCrutch Freedom knee crutch you can move about the house or work and have one hand free. If you've used old fashioned crutches, you know how hard just carrying a cup of coffee across the room is! With the oneCrutch knee crutch you always have at least one hand free, but with practice you can squeeze the top of the oneCrutch between your upper arm and torso and now you have BOTH hands free.In addition the oneCrutch provides for "resting periods" during long walks or while standing in long lines.

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