knee crutch The oneCrutch knee crutch attachment is designed to meet the mobility needs of people with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries. Our knee crutch is an excellent alternative to traditional crutches, allowing its users self-sufficiency through better use of their arms and hands. The device supports the knee and upper leg using a unique platform device that is connected to a standard crutch. For safety reasons no straps or cables are attached to the body. If you've recently injured your leg below the knee, the oneCrutch knee crutch could be a great tool for rehabilitation.

If you're not comfortable with some of the "knee support" style crutches on the market, the oneCrutch can let you slowly learn to use just "one crutch".

For example, you've just been released from the hospital and someone offers you an iWalkFree or Knee Walker trolley. Maybe you would rather stick with regular crutches for awhile instead of trying something radical/expensive like these devices. With the oneCrutch knee crutch attachment this is possible. With it attached to YOUR crutch, turn the attachment so the platform is on the outside and use your crutches like normal. As the days progress you can turn the crutch so that the attachment is on the inside. Now you can (when you feel comfortable) place your knee on the attachment and slowly move some weight off your armpits and on to the knee of your injured leg. As more time passes you can eventually lose the crutch on the non-injured side of your body and place your full weight on just one crutch, thereby freeing up your other hand to carry coffee, magazines, etc.